The beaches

Gran Canaria is blessed with a wealth of natural resources, the most notable of these being the numerous and exquisite beaches of the island.

The main beaches are located along the southern part of the island, between Bahia Feliz and Mogán, which is the sunniest and driest part of the island. The mountains of the interior act as a barrier against the clouds that come from the North, with the result that the skies in the South remain clear practically all year round, which makes it possible to enjoy the sun and bath in the sea in summer as well as winter. A lot of beaches are linked to a tourist area, where you will either find all the comforts of a urban centre or the peacefulness of a small village, the smaller ones are a little more difficult to access, although they are very beautiful, with the added charm of being completely unspoilt.

Almost 60 of the 236 kilometres of Gran Canaria´s coastline consist of beaches of various descriptions, ranging from the impressive Maspalomas beach, where you can find 250 hectares of sand dunes right next to the sea, to the concealed and unspoilt beach of Güigüi, as well as the lively beach in the capital, namely the Las Canteras beach. As a result of the temperate climate and agreeable temperatures of the bathing waters (ranging between 18ºC during winter months and 22ºC during the rest of the year) it is possible to enjoy the beaches throughout the year. The beaches of Gran Canaria are noted for their crystal clear and clean water and the facilities provided.