Typical canarian food

If you think, the canarian kitchen is something like a light or mediterranean, you are wrong … the traditional Canarian food is lush, juicy, hearty and down-to-earth. In particular, legumes, potatoes, fish and meat (especially rabbit, goat, chicken and pork) are eaten, and cheese is a must-have for every meal. The canarian people use a lot of oil, garlic, spices and herbs. The traditional cuisine goes back to the guanches, the original natives of the islands. They plant cereals, fruits and vegetables and kept easy-care goats and sheeps for their milk and meat.

Next to the sea you also find fresh fish specialties include the locally caught “sama” and seafood.


During your visit at Gran Canaria you have to try the “most famous dishes” papas arrugadas con salsa mojo, or a Rabbit-Stew.